Admissions & Access to Services

Welcome to Hampstead Hospital. We understand that hospitalization can be a stressful time for patients and their families. To make this first step easier, our experienced admissions staff will help you find the most appropriate treatment services to meet your individual need.

If you would like an overview of our admission process and general patient care information, please download, or print our Welcome to Hampstead Hospital patient information pamphlet. This pamphlet will provide more detail on our admission process, hospital inpatient safety procedures, and visitor information. We also suggest that you view our "Speak Up" brochure as a helpful guide for you and your family during and after your hospital stay. We also invite you to review our Patient Bill of Rights handout and our Privacy Policy.

To order your annual desk calendar, please email with your name, address and the number of calendars you would like.

Health Insurance

Should you have questions about your health insurance, our staff is also ready to assist you. Please see our list of health insurance plans accepted by Hampstead Hospital.

Medical Records Request

To request copies of a medical record, please review the Medical Record Request procedure. We have the following medical request forms: