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Acute Inpatient Program Goals Provide a safe, supportive therapeutic environment that assists patients in mental health crisis stabilization and/or detoxification. Work intensively with patients on their treatment goals and continuing care plan to assure a quick return to their family and community supports. Encourage family members to participate in treatment with the focus on education and aftercare planning.
Adult Psychiatric Services
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Conditions Treated Psychiatric diagnoses that include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, thought disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, as well as other psychiatric and substance abuse/dependency diagnoses.
Treatment Team Our treatment team includes Board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and mental health counselors work directly with each patient on a daily basis to provide a safe environment, treatment and education. A case manager coordinates each patient's care. Board-certified family practice doctors provide consultation on a daily basis for medical issues. Consultations for other special medical concerns are available, as needed.
Treatment Program Components Components of our Adult Psychiatric Program include assessment, education, medication therapy, group therapy, family support and education, as well as aftercare planning. Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, nursing staff, and social workers provide education regarding mental illness and substance abuse/dependence diagnoses and treatment to the patient and family members throughout the patient's stay. Patients have regular meetings with their psychologist and/or psychiatrist to review their treatment plan. Using group therapy we provide a structured program that runs seven days a week, from early morning into the evening. Therapeutic groups provide a variety of treatment strategies that are educational and solution-focused. We use aspects of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and 12-step theory to guide treatment. Groups provide education as well as strategies for managing the stressors that these conditions create for the patient in their relationships and employment. Group topics focus on building coping skills, emotion and behavioral regulation, relapse prevention and social skills.
Transition Services Step-down to partial hospitalization is available, as needed, to provide a transition for successful discharge to the community.